Wall Extensions

Palisade wall extension

At Robotic Steelworks we can extend your current fence with a palisade wall extension. The palisade wall extension can be manufactured from ArcelorMittal angles (also known as “hot rolled” angles) or rolled angles (also known as “cold rolled” angles). We can use any angle iron size, namely 25×25, 30×30 or 40×40 (the strongest angle iron) and any angle iron thickness (2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm to 5mm).  On a standard wall extension palisade panel, clients have the following tip options:  A spear point (also V cut) option, fishtail (2-spiked) or a 3-spiked option.

Wall extensions vary in height from 0.6m, 0,8m to 1.2m – it depends on the client’s needs.  Depending on the height of the wall extension and the type of angle iron, we can add extra razor spikes on the angle iron.  We can cut from 7 spikes to 15 spikes (on 40×40 angle iron, 1.2 m high).  Our extra razor palisade wall extensions are very popular and an effective security barrier to keep unwanted factors out.  Palisade wall extensions can be applied to precast concrete walls, brick walls or an existing palisade fence.

Palisade wall spikes

 We manufacture palisade wall spikes using 25×25, 30×30 or 40×40 ArcelorMittal angles.  We recommend either a 2-spike or 3-spike tip option on these angles.

The spikes are welded on a flat bar and the length is 1.5m.  The standard height is 110mm however, we can manufacture a higher palisade wall spike, but only on request.  Wall spikes can be painted, galvanized or powder coated.

Shark- teeth spikes

Robotic Steelworks is the sole manufacturer of shark-teeth spikes in South Africa.   The development of shape and production set-up has been designed in-house.  We recommend galvanising shark-teeth spikes to long lasting corrosion protection. Shark-teeth spikes are an unique safety and security add-on to:

  • Existing brick walls;
  • Concrete walls;
  • Precast walls;
  • Wall extension panels;
  • Palisade fences;
  • See-through fences;
  • Gates;
  • Ground blockades;
  • Carports;
  • Window sills, etc.

The advantages of shark-teeth spikes are:

  • Easy to install (with 3 bolts or screws per 1.5m);
  • Inexpensive ;
  • Impossible to bend ;
  • Sharp;
  • Many applications;
  • Comfortable to transport (length:  1.5m);
  • Light weight (1.4 kg per unit);
  • Long teeth (ragged edges up to 56mm);
  • Impossible to hang on or to cover it;
  • Will not hold human weight (climbing, standing or downwards pressure) without serious injury to the individual;
  • Highly deterrent.