Balustrades serve a practical purpose and are an important safety barrier along edges of stairways, balconies, patios and pools. It is an integral part of your home’s design from an architectural point of view, often forming a focal point from a living space, in the case of a stairway, or from the outdoors, in the case of a pool, patio or balcony.

When choosing balustrades, it is important to consider what kind of balustrade will best suit the style of your home or office, enhance its design and complement its architecture. However, balustrades are not only a design feature as it must comply with safety regulations.

Robotic Steelworks is able to provide a range of balustrade systems that will suit your desired design requirements.  We design, manufacture and install balustrade systems according to your specifications and requirements.  Our aim is to provide a reliable, efficient and a tailor made service to our clients and a quality durable product.

Stainless Steel Balustrades

Classic Glass Balustrades

Stainless steel is a modern and fashionable option for a balustrade design.  Stainless is a low maintenance, environmental friendly material and easy to clean.

We offer different stainless steel balustrades for balconies, staircases, pools, patios etc.

We can also custom- built balustrades with glass inserts.  The combination of stainless steel balustrade and glass creates the Classic Glass Balustrade.  The polished stainless steel components and handrail together with toughened safety glass completes the Classic Glass Balustrade.

Classic Horizontal And Classic Vertical Balustrades

The horizontal balustrade system has a top round bar rail with posts and horizontal cross tubes.

The vertical balustrade system consists of a stainless steel tube rail, top rail, main posts, bottom rail and vertical tube in-fills. With both systems, safety is paramount.  They will compliment the architectural features of any home and add to an elegant, modern appearance.

Frameless Glass Balustrades

Further, our Frameless Glass Balustrades offer security, a modern architectural look, are transparent with endless views and enhance the aesthetics of the building.  It is the ideal solution for staircases, a popular feature, creating spaciousness through its transparency.

Frameless Glass Balustrades can be affixed to a building structure in two different ways:

Side mounted – which is ideal for balconies where no fixing detail is visible creating a modern feature;

Floor mounted – The Frameless Glass Balustrade is supported by stainless steel floor mount brackets with stainless steel cover plates.

Mild Steel Balustrades

Mild steel is a very common material, used throughout the construction of many architectural fabrications, and is very strong. We work exclusively with the highest grade of steel thus offering a quality product to suit your needs.

Mild steel balustrades are a more cost effective option than stainless steel balustrades.  Mild steel balustrades can be painted or coated and in a corrosive environment protective coating is used as well.

At Robotic Steelworks we can design and manufacture any type of mild steel balustrade to compliment your home, business or office.  Our designs can incorporate different scrolls, twists, cones, balls, leaves etc.