Palisade gate

At Robotic Steelworks we design, manufacture and install palisade gates for residential as well as commercial and industrial environments. Although we have standard designs on our palisade gates we can customise any sliding or pedestrian gate to suit your requirements, whether your need is practical, aesthetic or for security purposes.

We can manufacture any size gate for you according to your specifications or we can use a range of existing patterns for a cost effective solution. We can customise the solution to suit the architecture and your personal preference as well as coat the gates in exactly the colour of your choosing.

Our palisade gates are renowned for our high standards and product strength. Part of providing high-class and innovative gate solutions, we also manufacture high security, swinging, entrance and automated gates. All our sliding or driveway gates come with quality installed gate track which is very important for the gate to run smoothly and thereby increasing the life span of your gate motor. All sliding gates come with anti lift bracket to ensure the gate cannot be lifted off the gate track.


Designer gate

The driveway or entrance gates to your home or office should not deliver a high standard of security and privacy but they should provide an all-important first impression for your visitors, too. Gates are an important part of any property for both aesthetics and safety purposes.

We specialise in designer sliding and pedestrian gates for sectional title complexes, private residences, industrial complexes and other facilities. Our high quality and durable materials combined with precision workmanship, ensures a long lasting sliding gate setup which can handle years of handling.

We focus on strength as When it comes to the design of your sliding or pedestrian gate, the possibilities are endless. Whether it may be a plain or simple design or something out of the ordinary, we will ensure that we manufacture the right gate for your requirements and needs. Designer gates can be manufactured using a combination of materials, like steel, wood, cast iron, sheet metal etc.

We can design a gate with heavy steel and scrolls or cast iron moldings, or logos and designs cut from steel plates inserted into the gate We offer a wide range of driveway or pedestrian gate styles to fit your requirement. When considering a gate it is important to bear in mind what the end result is you would like to achieve.

Here are some points to consider:

  • Is privacy your main focus when considering a designer gate?
  • Do you want to enhance the overall look of your property or offices? Not only can a designer steel gate improve the aesthetics of your property or offices, but it will also add to the value of your property.
  • Is the purpose to secure your property?
  • Would you like a designer gate to achieve a safe access control point with costs as your main concern?
  • Do you require a heavy duty designer gate for your business or office park suited to handle high volume traffic or frequent opening and closing?
  • ┬áIs your gate and advertising or branding sign with your company logo or design cuts inserted into the gate?