About us

Robotic Steelworks has been trading since 1996 and ever since the company has become a well-known and established player in the fencing and security industry.  The company has not only erected fences and balustrades in Ermelo, Harrismith, Kroonstad, Swartruggens, Marikana, the greater Pretoria and Johannesburg region, but also in Lesotho, Botswana, Burkina Faso and Tanzania. The company serves the local, domestic and international markets and strives to be the preferred supplier in these markets.  Company activities ranges from fencing, manufacturing of security products to structural steelwork. Robotic Steelworks’ factory is situated in Rosslyn, Pretoria, South Africa where it manufactures a variety of steel, security and fencing products.  The company distributes and exports products to local, regional and international customers. Our products are suitable for:  Residential and industrial properties, corporate office parks, warehouses, estates, schools, churches, prisons, municipalities etc.

Brief History

Since 1996, Robotic Steelworks has designed and built many steel palisade fences, gates, wall spikes and balustrades according to customer’s requirements and exact specification with robot technology.  In July 2006, the company’s name changed from Palisade Robotic Steelworks to Robotic Steelworks.  As the demand for different types of fencing, steel and security products increased, Robotic Steelworks diversified its product range to meet the growing demand.  Over the past years, Robotic Steelworks employed more people, improved production lines and introduced new products to the market. Currently, Robotic Steelworks has a comprehensive production line, manufacturing top class fencing, steel and security products.  The company has three factory units in the Rosslyn Business Park, Pretoria, South Africa and uses robot plasma cutting and robot welding to ensure the manufacturing of the highest quality of products to our clients.  Robotic Steelworks offers tailor made production solutions with robotics. The automated production lines have the capacity and capability of implementing new requirements in a very short period of time and run mass production. Robotic Steelworks is renowned for its high standards, product strength and durability and has built a solid track record of success and professionalism in both the manufacturing and construction industries.


Our mission is:
  • To manufacture quality products according to client’s specifications at fair and market competitive prices.
  • To perform quality installation services with experienced in-house installation teams.
  • To provide a safe and rewarding work environment, promoting the skills of teamwork and communication.
  • To ensure the longevity of our company through repeat and referral business achieved by customer satisfaction.
  • To maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationships with our suppliers, subcontractors, professional associates and customers.


  • To become the preferred manufacturer and pre-eminent supplier of superior fencing-, steel- and security products to both the local, domestic and international markets.

Who we have done work for:


Liviero Group (Pty) Ltd

Temi Construction


Concor Construction

Tri-Star Construction

Lemay Construction

Alticon Construction

Motheo Construction Group

Pretoria National Botanical Garden (SANBI)

Palm Ridge Magistrates Court

Bidvest Protea Coin Group


D-Kon Properties

Astek Property Group (Pty) Ltd

HL Kroon Property Development (Pty) Ltd

Code of Ethics

ROBOTIC STEELWORKS is committed to:

  • Professionalism, competence, and ethics in terms of all actions and business dealings.
  • Execute its work with integrity and sincerity and in accordance with generally accepted norms of professional conduct.
  • Protect the interests and confidentiality of clients & suppliers…
  • …and not disclose any information regarding business affairs, trade secrets, technical methods or processes.
  • Treat clients and suppliers with fairness, respect, and courtesy and foster good relations with them.
  • Conduct business without causing harm other than by fair commercial competitive practices
  • Obey the laws, codes and business practices of any country in which it is operating.
  • Due regard to public safety, public health, and the public interest generally.
  • Apply its knowledge and skill in the interests of humanity and the environment.


  • Willfully infringe any intellectual property rights, as designs, copyrights, trademarks & patents.
  • Do anything to harm the reputation of persons or other businesses.
  • Deny services to persons on grounds of race, ethnic or social origin, religion, culture, gender, disability.
  • Establish any legal entity for the purpose of avoiding disclosure in terms of common law or any legislation.
  • Misrepresent facts or make false statements.
  • Offer nor accept any bribe for the purpose of procuring business.
  • Gaining any other benefit, or engage in any other corrupt practice.