Robotic Steelworks offers a wide variety of general purpose trailers. We manufacture different types of trailers, from boat trailers, quad-bike trailers, motorcycle trailers, 4×4 trailers to furniture transport trailers to name but only a few. All trailers are built to heavy duty specification, built to last and give years of reliable performance.

Trailers are manufactured by using our state of the art plasma cutting machinery and robotic welding systems. All our trailers have a strong, quality all-steel construction and comply with the standard South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) regulations for trailers. Our trailers are built to the same high standards of strength and durability for which Robotic Steelworks are renowned for in terms of palisade fencing.

Furthermore, at Robotic Steelworks we can also manufacture trailers according to clients’ specifications and needs. We customise trailers to offer an end-product that suits your needs and meets your requirements. You can buy your custom built trailer directly from the Robotic Steelworks – there is no expensive middle-man, agency fees or retail costs.

Boat and Jet-ski Trailers

Boat trailers are custom built according to the specific measurements and weight of each boat. All boat trailers are custom designed, ensuring the necessary support from bow to stern and to guarantee quality control for every boat trailer manufactured.

Robotic Steelworks manufactures single or double Jet Ski trailers and all Jet Ski trailers can be either galvanized or painted. Trailers are made to fit all Jet Ski sizes and can be adjusted to fit the most common Jet Ski’s on the market. The Jet Ski trailer framework is of utmost importance as this set up is the optimum compromise between strength and weight.



Motorcycle Trailers

Our custom built single motorcycle trailers can transport from standard motorcycle, vintage bikes to super-bikes or cruisers and guarantees easy loading and unloading, quickly and safely. Our double motorcycle trailers can either load two cruisers or superbikes.



Quad-bike Trailers

Robotic Steelworks manufactures single, double, 3 and 4 quad bike trailers. The latest robot welding techniques are used to strengthen the weak and stress points on the chassis. Furthermore, great attention is given to detail, style, mobility, weight and easy loading capabilities when building quad-bike trailers.

Every quad bike trailer comes standard with a heavy duty screw type jockey wheel and plug holder. Quad bike trailers can either be painted, powder coated or galvanized.



Other Trailers:

Apart from manufacturing trailers for recreational use, we can also manufacture domestic or commercial trailers, such as the following:

• Advertisement board trailers
• Coffin transport trailers
• Furniture transport trailers
• Golf cart trailers
• Flatbed trailers
• Go-cart trailers
• 4×4 Trailer
• Bobcat Trailers
• Car Trailers
• Chassis Utility
• Food Trailers
• Game Trailers