Hot Dip Galvanizing


Robotic Steelworks provides on customers request Hot Dip galvanized Palisade Fences, Wall Extension Palisades, Wall Spikes & Shark-Teeth Spikes. The galvanizing is carried out to SABS ISO 1461 (SABS 763) standards.
Depending on the area within South Africa guarantees are available up to 15 years.
For galvanized palisades our hot rolled angle iron are an ideal solution because of these reasons:
• No welding involved, therefore no lapse of guarantee
• The most economical size of 3m width possible without double dipping
• For Single dipping cheaper rates are applicable than for double dipping
• Guarantee applicable depending on the area within South Africa
• Excellent adhesion is obtained through metallurgical bonding
• There is no drying (cure) time needed before use
• The coating is tough and as thick as the general surface at vulnerable corners, providing equal protection
• As site coating is not necessary, erection time is considerably reduced
• Low initial costs compared to paint systems. Paint application is very labour intensive
• Paint application requires stringent on site inspection and control
• Hot Dip Galvanizing is factory applied, closely controlled process
• Hot Dip Galvanizing to SABS ISO 1461 (SABS 763) is maintenance free Corrosion Protection

Hot Dip Galvanizing protects steel in two ways:
• Barrier protection by the provision of a corrosion resistant barrier
• Sacrificial protection of any damaged areas. This prevents under film attacks


usually less than 50m from H.W.M.
usually 50m to 1km from H.W.M.
1km to 40km from sea
40km to100km from sea
Urban Inland
Urban Coastal

Severity of Corrosion:

Severe Marine
Marine Average
Marine Mildly
Marine Rural
Desert Industrial
Marine Industrial


Zinc Coating Loss

15-30 nm/year
< 0.8 nm/year
< 0.5 nm/year
5-15 nm/year