Robotic Steelworks will remain open during the Covid-19 lockdown in South Africa

In light of the South African Government announcing a National State of Emergency and a 21-day lockdown, we would like to share our operating plans with you:  Robotic Steelworks will stay open during lockdown.

The Robotic Steelworks team has been mobilized to work from home and we will make every effort to assist you on-line with:  (1) General enquiries and information; (2) Quotations and/or Tenders and (3)  Processing orders.

Robotic Steelworks is a leading manufacturer of (1) steel structures; (2) security- and (3) fencing products.

With our comprehensive experience in mechanical engineering and robotics, we provide unmatched professional service to our clients. Robotic Steelworks has a reputation for manufacturing fences for mines, municipalities, cellular networks, residential and industrial properties etc.

As more and more of the population and companies seek security, the demand for other security products has also increased. Retractable security doors, burglar bars, wall extensions and shark-teeth spikes are some of these high in demand products.  Further, companies and customers interested in high security, have found that there is a tremendous security advantage in our electrified palisade fences and clear view  fences.

About Us

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High security Steel Palisade Fencing, plain & galvanized, manufactured in an automated process by robotics. We are specialized in Robot Plasma Cutting & Robot Welding.


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Manufacturer of different fences. Customized fences to suit your needs. Our production process is fully automated and guarantees our clients highest quality by low prices.


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Rosslyn is a huge industrial area, the automotive industry and other important industries are located here, as: BMW, Laepple SA, NAMPAC, Nissan, SAB (South African Brewery), Spoornet