Project Management

With our comprehensive experience in robotics & automation, we offer tailor made production solutions with robotics. We are specialized in Robot-Plasma-Cutting, Robot-Welding, Robot-Handling & Robot-Assembling.

Project Planning:

• Timing Plans, Work Schedules
• Costing

Economy Studies:

• Investigation of handling & feeding of material, flow of material
• Investigation & planning for implementation of robotics into production
• Process investigation
• Time study according to German REFA standards
• Optimisation of cycle time
• Calculation of cost saving
• Cycle time studies

Supervision on Site:

• Coordination of contract works
• Supervising of workers
• Technical advice

With ROBOTIC STEELWORKS, you can be sure:

• We do not make any promise we cannot keep
• We supply what you request, to your specifications
• We deliver and install on time
• You can rely on our technical expertise and support
• We look into pricing and advice on more affordable solutions, if requested

Engineering Projects:

Companies are often tasked with a difficult project in terms of engineering. Robotic Steelworks are geared for any type of steel engineering project to any degree of difficulty. We have an on-site engineer, equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge, and state of the art plasma cutting machinery and robotic systems to develop a specific one-of-a-kind product.

Our robot plasma cutting is precise and accurate and all robots can be adjusted and programmed according to the specifications of the project. Therefore we can manufacture any steel structure or product etc. according to the requirements and specifications of the task on hand. No matter how complex the design, utilising both our expertise and robotic machinery, we can provide you with an optimal engineering solution.

With regard to copy right laws we cannot disclose any pictures of projects for the Automotive Industry on the internet. But you are welcome to contact us for an appointment.