Aluminium Windows & Doors

All aluminium windows and doors are custom made according to our client’s specification to ensure a perfect fit of your window or door that compliments the architecture of your house,office or building.  Aluminium windows and doors are strong and durable with a unique combination of strength and lightness.

Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows give a high quality impression, are visually appealing and require minimum maintenance.  Robotic Steelworks can manufacture aluminium windows to a range of sizes foralmost any application. We also offer a full installation service for added convenience. Aluminium windows don’t require any painting and are available in a natural colour, bronze orwhite powder coated finish or an authentic wood finish.   Aluminum windows can be made in a number of different styles and designs including:

  • Sliding windows (horizontal or vertical);
  • Fixed pane windows;
  • Casement windows (top hung or side hung windows) and other custom style windows. .

Sliding windows

Sliding windows can be used for residential and commercial applications and are available either as horizontal sliding windows (where the sashes slide left and right), and vertical sliding windows (sashes slide up or down).

These windows are ideal for confined or restricted spaces  since they don’t project outward like casement windows.  Sliding windows may easily be used with burglar bars or safety gates are fully weather sealed around the frame, minimizing draughts, dust and water intrusion.

Fixed pane windows

The most basic but important function of a window is to admit daylight in acceptable and consistent quantities, while maintaining the ambient temperature inside the house, office or building.

Our fixed pain windows can maximize your favourite views and bring vast amounts of light into your home.   Fixed pane windows are also used as observations windows for monitoring the activity in the work rooms, very popular in supermarkets.

Casement windows

Robotic Steelworks can assist with two types of casement windows:  Top-hung or side-hung. Casement windows are also referred to as projected aluminium windows or sash windows since they have leafs or sashes that rotate outward from the window’s outer frame.

On the top hung windows, the sashes are attached to the top of the outer frame with movable friction stays, thus allowing the bottom to swing out. While with side-hung windows the sash is attached either on the left or right, allowing the opposite side to swing out.  The friction stays allow the window to stay open in any position and effective seals make these windows draft free and watertight.

Casement windows have the ability to direct weather conditions like rain, wind or ventilation into your home, office or building.  Casement windows can easily be fitted with burglar bars.

Aluminium Doors

Hinged entrance doors

A hinged door is a traditional type of door which is hinged on one vertical side and can be opened inwards or outwards. Our entrance doors are stylish in design whilst still practical and robust.  The entrance doors for the front or back can be a single door or a double hinged door.

Hinged door panels come in a range of sizes to suit the style and proportions of your home. Side windows can also be included in the frame.  Hinged doors are ideal for utility areas such as garages, laundries or back entrances.

Sliding folding doors

Folding doors have multiple panels from three, four, five, six to ten panels.  They are also referred to as stacking doors, folding stacking doors, concertina doors or accordion doors.  The panels are stackable and slide and stack neatly to one or two sides with a smooth gliding movement.

Doors are made from robust aluminium profiles ensuring rigidity and strength with durable rollers, handles, hinges etc. They allow for exceptionally large openings and effectively open up your indoor living areas into your outdoor entertainment areas.

It allows you to easily make your home feel instantly larger without making any major renovations.

Sliding doors

Our sliding doors may be designed using multiple sliding configurations, with double, triple, or four track options.  Sliding doors automatically transform any space, allows for impressive wide openings, maximum viewing angles and allowing much more light into your home or office than with standard doors.

It is the ideal way to link your internal and external entertainment areas or to provide easy access to a garden, courtyard, patio or balcony.