High security Steel Palisade Fencing, plain & galvanized, manufactured in an automated process by robotics. We are specialized in Robot Plasma Cutting & Robot Welding.

ROBOTIC STEELWORKS with its comprehensive experience in Mechanical Engineering & Automation offers tailor made solutions for robotics production lines: most notably the manufacture of high precision fixtures as jigs, tooling, grippers, docking stations. Clients are the Metal & Automotive Industries in South Africa. Please visit as well our page: MECHANICAL ENGINEERING & ROBOTICS

Because of its high crime rate, South Africa has in recent years developed one of the most advanced security industries in the world. An integral aspect of security for both business and private use is high-class and innovative fencing solutions.

Within this environment ROBOTIC STEELWORKS has developed its own production line, manufacturing a number of cutting edge products with robotics. Besides ordinary welded Palisade Fencing we manufacture Spiked Steel Palisade Fences (RAZOR & EXRA-RAZOR Palisade), H.R. Bolted Palisade Fences and Galvanised inflexible Wall tops (SHARK-TEETH Spikes). All Palisades can be obtained under coated, galvanized or plain.

Robot Plasma Cutting and Robot Welding ensures the manufacturing of the highest quality at the best price, for the local market and export.

The most advanced factory for Steel Palisade Fences in South Africa, Rosslyn, North of Pretoria.