See-through Fences

Robotic Steelworks’ See-Through Fence systems are very effective security fencing solutions.  See-Through Fences are developed for all applications requiring a high degree of security and where visibility is essential thus not obscuring the view.  It is an economical alternative to the current welded mesh and steel- and concrete palisade


  • It is secure and discreet

The systems provide security where a discreet visual impact on the immediate environment is essential. It provides a more modern and aesthetically pleasing look but still with highly effective security features. Panels are supplied with bends for added rigidity and design or flat in a single layer.

  • Vandal resistant

See-Through fences are very robust and difficult to cut with traditional bolt or wire cutters. It is also an anti-climb fence system since toe’s or fingers will not be able to hold due to small mesh apertures.

  • Good viewing visibility

The panels are see-through and appear almost invisible from a distance.  This is particularly important for unobstructed camera surveillance, either from the front or at an angle. It is also important that the fence does not obstruct any views.

  • Installation

The fence panels of our different systems vary, but in most instances the panels are very wide thereby reducing the amount of posts needed.  The system is supplied with accessories and there is no drilling or forming on site.  Installation time and costs are therefore also reduced. The panels are fixed laterally onto the posts and secured with anti-vandal metal security fixtures. The IPE posts are galvanised. Our See-Through fence systems can also be combined with an electric fence. Our shark-teeth spikes can be added to the top of the fence for extra security.

  • Coating

There are two coating options available, namely PVC or Zinc-Alu.  With PVC coating the panels are sealed with an adhesion epoxy coating prior to the PVC coating.  Zinc-Alu super wire coating is 95% Zinc and 5% Aluminium and is three times more durable than ordinary galvanised wire. (SANS 10244-2.Min of 275g/m2 ). The Zinc-Alu is highly recommended for applications in a high corrosion environment such as along the coast or in industrial

The Standard See-Through Fence System


  • The most commonly used and standard type of see-through fence.
  • The panels are bent and have scallop edging for added protection.
  • The weight of a panel is 5kg/ m2.
  • The Standard See-Through Fence is ideal for applications requiring maximum security without forfeiting design and aesthetic appeal.
  • It is suitable for commercial, industrial, infrastructure and communication developments and can also be recommended for schools, parks and even residential applications.



Posts: Intermediate & End

Fence height


Width x height




1800 3048×1800 IPE 70 x 44 x 1.6
2000 3048×2000 IPE 70 x 44 x 1.6
2400 3048×2400 IPE 70 x 44 x 1.6
3000 3048×3000 IPE 70 x 44 x 1.6

Long Distance See-Through Fence Systems


Long distance 3M system

The cheapest see-through fence in our product range mainly due to its long distance application.  The panels are extra wide (3 meters) and excellent for long distance fencing as less posts are required.  The heights of the panels range from 1730mm to 2430mm.  Mesh sizes are 200 x 50mm.

The wire diameter is 4,4mm (core wire 3.960mm).

 Long distance medium system

The panels have a width of 2500mm and are available in a range of heights from 1030mm to 2030mm. The mesh apertures are 100 x 50mm and the core wire diameter is 3,65mm.


Long Distance

Fence height


Width x height


Posts length mm

Mesh Sizes

Core Wire Diameter
LD 3m 1730 3000 x 1730 2200 200 x 50mm 3.96mm
LD 3m 2030 3000 x 2030 2600 200 x 50mm 3.96mm
LD 3m 2430 3000 x 2430 3200 200 x 50mm 3.96mm
LD Medium 1030 2500 x 1030 1500 100 x 50mm 3.65mm
LD Medium 1230 2500 x 1230 1700 100 x 50mm 3.65mm
LD Medium 1730 2500 x 1730 2200 100 x 50mm 3.65mm
LD Medium 2030 2500 x 2030 2600 100 x 50mm 3.65mm

Flat Single Layer See-Through Fence Systems


Flat single layer system (SL358)

These systems are similar to the bent panel systems.  The flat panel fencing system is ideal for providing high end security with a low visual impact on the immediate environment.

 Flat single layer system (SL3510)

The flat panel system is fixed to posts with a top and bottom rail and a flat bar cover strip.  The main difference between the SL358 and SL3510 is the core wire diameter. The flat single layer systems are suitable for warehouses, distribution centres, educational facilities, court and public buildings, infrastructure – and telecommunication facilities.

Single Layer Fence height


Width x height






Core Wire Diameter
SL 358 2400 3048×2385 Angle Iron Post 70 x 70 x 6mm 3.96mm
SL 358 2400 3048×2985 Angle Iron Post 70 x 70 x 6mm 3.96mm
SL 3510 2000 3048×1969 Angle Iron Post 70 x 70 x 6mm 3mm
SL 3510 2400 3048×2385 Angle Iron Post 70 x 70 x 6mm 3mm